Tips for Gaining Weight and Building Muscle

The formula for gaining weight is easier than you might first think. To gain weight, all you need to do is consume more calories than you burn in a day. To gain muscle, all you need to do is eat at a calorie surplus while also following a weight training program. If you can’t seem to gain weight, this means that you are not eating enough. If you can’t gain muscle, then you aren’t eating enough protein or you are not training hard enough.

Some people do have a slightly higher metabolism than others for their size, but anyone can gain muscle if they train hard and eat sensibly.

Skipping Meals is Bad

It is not a good idea to skip meals – not because of nutrient timing matters, but because it is easier to consume a large number of calories spread over the course of a day than it is to consume them in one sitting. Using weight gaining powders can help you to gain weight because it is easier to drink a lot of calories than it is to force yourself to eat them.

Many people find that eating a lot is unpleasant, but if they drink the same number of calories it places less stress on the stomach.

Get a Lot of Sleep

Sleep is important for gaining muscle. While you are sleeping, your body repairs itself and builds new muscles. If you are finding it hard to get enough sleep, try to clean up your sleep hygiene and find time to get more rest. While you re-learn your sleep patterns, cut back slightly on the amount of cardiovascular activity that you do so that your body has a chance to repair itself.

Preventing Fat Gain

While some fat gain is inevitable while you are gaining muscle, it is possible to limit the amount of fat that you put on. Firstly, try to remember that fat in your diet does not automatically turn into fat in your body. The reason that dieters are taught not to eat fat is because fat is calorie dense. However, the basic nutritional advice is still important.

Macronutrient Ratios

Try to eat a high protein diet that includes a moderate amount of fats and carbohydrates, and stick to complex carbohydrates whenever possible, so that your body gets the nutrients it needs for muscle gain while still getting plenty of energy.

A Long Term Commitment

It takes a long time to change your body composition and it is important that you do not give up. Good food doesn’t have to be expensive, but you will need to get into the habit of preparing foods for yourself if you want to make sure that you gain healthy muscle mass without breaking the bank.

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