Say Goodbye To A Skinny Body: How To Gain Weight Fast

Yes, it sucks to be skinny. It seems like all the world wants to lose weight and I am still trying hard to gain. It seems like the grocery stores are working against me. Everywhere, I see low sugar, low fat, and lots of processed garbage filled with chemicals. It is still important to remember that cholesterol and heart disease can cause problems even if you are skinny. It is possible to gain weight in a healthy way but only if you follow a regimen of eating balanced meals, a healthy lifestyle, and exercise that is appropriate. Here is one way to start gaining weight fast and kiss your skinny body goodbye.

Watch What You Eat

When trying to gain there are two important habits that you need to follow. You should eat food that is healthy and eats them often. You can boost your intake of calories while keeping your sugar, sodium and nasty chemical intake low. Make sure to drink lots of milk and/or fresh juice with your meals instead of drinking water. If you choose to have a protein shake with your meal, make sure to also drink water. Always eat a substantial breakfast and a hearty dinner along with a lunch that is sensible.

If you take multivitamins and drink juice that is freshly squeezed along with vegetables with your breakfast you will feel better. When you eat protein for dinner you will be able to add more muscle. Cheap snacks that are great to have on hand are nuts, granola, and similar foods. You can eat these all day long.

You will need to have lots of cheap proteins available and that includes turkey, cheese, milk, chicken and eggs. Another food that will add flavor and calories to your meal is peanut butter. It is especially great to put on a hamburger. Make sure to carry granola, nuts and dark chocolate with you so you can eat it when you get hungry. If you are having trouble taking in enough food, caramel, and hot sauce can make anything really good. If your appetite just will not budge, marijuana will give you the munchies.

No Pain, No Gain

Once you are eating a healthy diet, your body still wants to know where to put the food that you have taken in. To do this, you do not have to go out and join a gym it just takes two 10-lb wrist weights and 10 20-lb dumbbells. These are quite inexpensive and you can use them for exercises to strengthen your arms. You can also do pushups at various times during the day. It does not matter if you can only do 10 or 20 because if you do that as often as five times every day, that is a lot of pushups.

Why not go out and get a yoga mat and start doing yoga or, at the very least, start stretching. It is easy to build mass. But to build mass that is flexible and strong is something entirely different. It is very important that as you gain mass you hold onto your mobility. If not, you will just find that you are sluggish. Before you lift, always stretch by targeting a different muscle group each day. Then follow that routine with a walk, a jog or yoga. This way you will be able to gain weight without losing energy, speed, and health.

Maintain the Gain

The most critical part of your weight gain is actually the maintenance that you do afterward. The habits that you have developed need to be maintained. If instead you psych yourself out and let your routine slip you will quickly find that you have lost all your gains. Years of training can be destroyed with just two months of inactivity. So create your goals and stick to them. On days when you are feeling bored you can find different ways to change up the routine. But whatever you do, do not stop.

You should also change up the foods you eat and the exercises you do because variety is what makes life interesting. Do not let yourself become idle and, if you must miss one of your exercise sessions you can fit it in during the day. To keep your internal systems working well, you need to keep adding in the calories. Think of your body just like your car. You need to keep up with the maintenance and it will never fail you. And, most important, you need to go routinely to the doctor to catch anything bad while it can still be treated.

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