Easy Tips To Gain Muscle Mass

Many people who workout want to gain weight. Those who are trying to gain weight tend to do it for two reasons. One is for sports purposes, and the other is for bodybuilding purposes.  

If you want to gain weight for bodybuilding or sports, then you need calories. Calories are a must when you want to build mass, and so is protein. However, when you eat everything that moves, then you may gain fat as a result.

Let’s face it, you cannot have your cake and eat it too. For example, many athletes will gain weight by eating a bunch of calories during what is known as a bulking phase. Eventually, they do a cutting phase when they have reached the weight they have set out to reach. Bodybuilders and fighters are known for doing this, especially fighters are are going up in a weight class.

Many bodybuilders will bulk up and they will often look a lot different from when they are on stage during a competition, as they are usually as ripped as they possibly can be. The point we are trying to make is that eventually, you will need to come down after bulking up. If your goal is to have a six-pack, then you should try to get your body fat under 10%.

Many younger athletes want to get bigger, usually for sports, but the thing is that those in their early-to-late teens experience growth spurts at some point. In other words, they tend to not get bigger and only taller. This means the are fighting nature, and when you decide to mess with your natural metabolism, then you could end up doing more harm than good.

Are you still interested in gaining weight because if you are, then there are a few things you can do, with one of them being to monitor your caloric intake? What you want to do is gradually increase the number of calories you take in. Also, you need protein and good fats from natural oils, as well as nuts and seeds, and don’t forget carbs from veggies and fruits. Processed foods and white flour products should be avoided, and you should also try your best to get at least six small meals per day.

Another thing you will want to do is change up your workout routine. Keep an eye on the number of reps you do, as well as cardio, because your efforts may be hampered when you do high reps, as well as too much cardio when you are trying to gain muscle mass. Try to lift heavy weight, as well as maintain perfect form and get enough rest because getting plenty of rest is essential. When you stick with this, as well as tweak it as needed, then sooner or later you will gain muscle mass, but keep in mind that you need to be consistent, as well as a patient, so it is important to keep at it.

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15 Best Lean-Muscle Building


Beef refers to meat from cattle. It has a protein content that is useful for making sinewy muscle. It also contains zinc, vitamins among other components that are valuable for your muscle.

Grass-fed cattle have more conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) compared to animals raised from conventional methods. This assists much building of lean muscle, hence doing away with body-fat.

Beets are essential to your liver; still, they are useful for joint repair and muscle building. A compound known as betaine also known as trimethylglycine is the active components in beets. Beets do not give any boost; this assists in aid recovery.


Brown rice is essential in the digestion process. Compared to the standard white rice, digesting brown rice takes much longer time, therefore, providing energy for longer periods during the day. Apart from providing energy, brown rice is known to boost growth hormone, which is useful for developing lean muscle and shedding fat.


For best results, eat oranges before an exercise. They are known to encourage muscle growth and build stamina.


Comparatively, cantaloupes contain much less fructose content and digest fast. They are best eaten when the body has a demand for energy,e.g. after fasting or after a heavy workout.


Cottage cheese contains protein known as casein protein; which digests the slowest compared to all other proteins. Because of this, casein protein can assist your muscle from being used up especially when your body lacks energy source. Opposite from cantaloupe, they are best consumed before a heavy workout or before fasting.


Eggs are the best source of pure protein. Egg yolks contain cholesterol which is best for boosting lean muscle growth. Good news is that research has shown that cholesterol from egg yolks decrease the bad cholesterol which is normally associated with a condition called atherosclerosis.


Milk contains casein and is rich in amino acid glutamine. Animal milk has more healthy omega-3 fatty acids compared to the conventional milk.


Like Cottage cheese, quinoa also contains slow-digesting proteins. Quinoa is linked to growth factor 1 which is essential in lean muscle development.


They go straight to the bloodstream because they contain dextrose. Because of this, they are best for fast recovery. They are best used after a long exercise.


Spinach contains glutamine; amino acid essential for the development of lean muscle. Additionally, they boost muscle stamina.


Apples do contain essential compounds called polyphenols.  There are particular polyphenols that prevent muscle exhaustion while increasing muscle strength. This property allows you to exercise vigorously for longer periods.


The major difference between Greek yogurt and the regular yogurt is that it contains more protein (about 20 grams per cup) compared to 16 grams per cup in regular yogurt.
Greek yogurt is a source of casein protein.


You may not have heard this, but Ezekial bread is one made from sprouted grains and legumes. Ezekial bread is necessary for development of lean muscles. This is because it contains all the amino acids that the body cannot produce itself.


Wheat germ is a good source of slow digesting carbohydrates. It also contains a lot of minerals iron, selenium, and potassium. Wheat germ also contains vitamin B and branched chain amino acids also known as BCAAs.


Muscle health is of great importance in the overall health of our bodies. From the above list of foods, it is now clear that some foods are more important than others when it comes to muscle health. A common misconception that animal products are not good for your health has been clearly defined in this article. Not all animal products are unhealthy, as a matter of fact, beef and eggs have been highlighted as a major source of a protein essential for lean muscle growth. It also is now clear that cholesterol present in eggs is useful in suppressing bad cholesterol in our bodies.

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9 Tips For Gaining Muscle

Here are my 9 best tips for gaining weight:

Tip 1 Train In Less Than One Hour

Whatever program you do you should keep it to under one hour in length. Make sure you focus on maintaining high intensity instead of making your workouts drag out. Numerous studies have been done that show what detrimental things can occur to your hormonal state after you have trained hard for over one hour. Also, when you are attempting to gain weight, work out harder instead of longer.

Tip 2 Eat On A Regular Basis

I am sympathetic to you wanting to gain weight, but I need to also tell you that you need to just do what you have to do. In order to gain weight, it’s important for you to eat your meals on a regular basis and not just as something you think about once in a while. Your body has been pre-programmed based on your genetics. Your fast metabolism digests and burns calories very quickly. So although you may eat three meals every day, and they might be high in calories, your body still will burn through them rapidly. What you need to do instead is to eat 5 or 6 meals every day that is spaced out every 2 to 3 hours. That way your body is given something constantly to metabolize so it builds muscle.

Tip 3 Don’t Rely On Supplements Any Longer

I’ve been in your situation, and I’ve lost count of all the times that I have fallen for the claims from the supplement industry. What you need to understand is that supplements are just what their name implies. They are supplements. They won’t make or break whatever gains you make in the gym. Most supplements are marketed to hard gainers who want to gain weight, but they focus on increasing water weight rather than muscle. Once you stop taking the supplement, the weight drops back. Protein powder and maybe drinking Gatorade after working out are the only supplements that I recommend that you use.

Tip 4 Take Things Easy

As a naturally skinny guy, you need to stop moving around all the time. It is part of you, however, you may move around or fidget a lot during the day. You need to relax more and try limiting activity as much as you can beside your work in the gym so that you maximize the use of your energy.

Tip 5 Understanding Caloric Surplus

Another thing I get tired of hearing is guys complaining that they can’t gain weight no matter what they eat. I’ve heard this so many times, but you are flat out wrong. It’s okay, I understand because I’ve said those same things until I discovered the truth. A majority of guys think they eat a lot, and maybe you are. However, no matter what you eat, if you aren’t gaining weight, then you need to eat more. Usually, you need to take a look at your diet and re-evaluate it and also focus on eating a higher amount of calorie dense foods. The bottom line is, if you aren’t gaining weight then you do need to eat more.

Another thing is, when your body composition is changing, you need to force things somewhat. Your body won’t want to change and doesn’t want to gain weight. You need to encourage it and make it uncomfortable sometimes.

Tip 6 Focus On Your Progression

As I stated above, you need to keep your workouts at under an hour in length. The main thing you need to focus on is how you’re progressing with your workouts. Even though it’s very simple, many people screw this up. They keep adding to their workouts until they are around 2 hours in length. It might work for a while, and you may get some results from it. However, if you want to gain weight, a better thing to do is to focus on how many reps you do increase the amount of weight you lift. It is similar to overeating. It can be quite hard to do and you’re going to need to make a big push.
Tip 7 Every 3-4 Weeks Change Your Rep Range

Unless you have made great gains and incredible progress, I recommend that every 3 to 4 weeks that you change your rep range in order to avoid plateaus. When you change your rep range it forces your body to adapt to its new stress level. That results in you gaining weight that is muscle. This technique is much better than increasing the number of sets you do and working on your routine more.

Tip 8 Eat At The Buffet Every Week

If you are a very skinny guy, then you should eat at the buffet at least once every week. Try going on your eating rampage after hard workouts so that most of the calories go into your muscles. This will really help you add extra pounds and gain weight in all the places you want to. Just don’t get too carried away. However, it can help your body get trained into accepting more foods. Your appetite will also be increased in the days that follow. So use this strategy to your advantage.

Tip 9 Consider Using A Mass Gainer

I might have been critical of the supplement industry earlier, however, if you can’t eat a higher amount of whole foods (the best option), then you should seriously consider using a mass gainer. It is calories that come in a shake. So have a shake instead of chicken, veggies, and rice.

For in between meals, it is another option that is available to you. Just be sure you eat three meals containing real food and a maximum of three gainer shakes. Even better, make shakes yourself with protein powder and fruit. That’s a much better option for you. So start to put the above tips into action. If you do, you’ll start gaining weight very quickly.

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