8 Tips For Hitting Your Peak And Maximizing Your Muscle

You’ve been lifting for a while, however, you’re a bit disappointed with your progress so far.  You haven’t achieved the shape or size that you really want to have.  You want your back to be thicker, your chest to be wider, your biceps to be sharper and your shoulder caps to be more defined.  You need to do a few tweaks.  There are many similarities between size and strength training.  However, there are some specific things that you can do in order to maximize your hypertrophy workouts.  Here are eight tips for you to try to increase density, shape, and muscle.

For Size Do Supersets

Supersets are when you pair two exercises together and then do them back-to-back without any rest in between them.  The best thing is to perform supersets using antagonist muscles such as triceps or biceps or hamstrings and quads.  Supersets work really well for increasing the size of your muscles because they help with releasing testosterone, which is critical for building muscle.

Another benefit of supersets is they also good for enhancing hypertrophy because they are higher-intensity workouts.  It forces your muscles to adapt to low rest and extra sets.  Because your muscles have to work so hard, they have to adapt.  The adaptation results in your muscles increasing in size.

You can also do superset compound exercises.  However, performing compound movements isn’t always the best thing to do if you want a defined and refined appearance.  They are good for building mass and strength but use isolation movements if you want a bodybuilder body.

Add-On High-Rep Isolation Movements

Complete your workout by performing some high-rep isolation movements such as hamstring curls, leg extensions, lateral raises, triceps extensions or biceps curls.  It’s an excellent way to increase blood flow overall to your muscles.  Your appearance will be more defined as you are lifting.  However, it also brings your muscles all the essential muscle-building nutrients they need.

When you do high repetitions during your workout, it causes glycogen depletion.  Your body increases how much glycogen is stored in your muscles to compensate, which makes it possible for you to perform at higher levels the next time that you work out.  You will eventually be able to store addition muscle glycogen.  This can increase your size even further.

Use a Pre-Workout Supplement

Over the years, supplements that are intended to be taken prior to a workout have changed.  All-encompassing cocktails are some of the better ones that help with maximizing your muscles.  A majority of this type of supplements focus on stimulant effects that will blow you away.  If they help with training harder and focusing better, then the cognitive enhancers may be very advantageous to your workouts.

Most pre-workout products, in addition to helping you with getting into the zone, also contain ingredients that directly help to reduce fatigue and affect your muscles.  Creatine is usually one of those ingredients, which supplies the necessary phosphate to fuel the anaerobic activities that you perform in the gym as well as increasing your muscle volume.

Decrease Your Rest Periods

Whatever you can do to make your body work more over shorter periods of time will boost your muscularity.  It forces your body to adapt to having to do more work in a shorter amount of time.  Rest reduction, like supersets, pushes large quantities of blood through your muscles that are working.

When you decrease your workout rest period, it will spike your metabolic rate and increase vascularity.  When your metabolism is increased, even after you are finished with your workout session, your capacity for burning calories and fat will be increased.  Carrying a lower amount of body fat is one secret to appearing bigger.

Add-In Drop sets To Your Workouts

During a regular set, when you reach the point of failure, your muscle fibers are not able to move the weight because they are too fatigued.  However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you are completely wiped out.  Any technique that you can employ to extend your set by reducing the load immediately will keep training your muscles, including tired muscle fibers.

To perform drop sets, use your standard weight to do one set.  Once you finish that set, immediately drop five pounds of weight and perform another set.  After you have completed the second set, drop the amount of weight again, then perform a final and third set.

Drop sets are great for finishing your workouts.  When you perform them correctly you may need to be peel off the floor of the gym.

Avoid Excessive Amounts Of Cardio Exercise

In general, hypertrophy/strength athletes and endurance athletes are on opposite sides of the spectrum.  Not too many people are able to master both of these, and it can be too much to expect your body to be able to adapt to two different stimuli with opposite needs.  If you aren’t sure about this, compare the bodies of short distance sprinters with marathon runners.

Intense cardio sessions such as HIIT work well for maintaining your muscularity.  If you want to add cardio as part of your training regimen, your best bet is probably intervals.  This kind of training forms the base of metabolic conditioning without taking away from your muscularity.

You don’t need to worry about this.  Studies have shown that mile times can be improved by training at a distance of only 400 meters.  Steady-state cardio should be avoided.  It won’t help you increase the size of your muscles.

Extend Your Sets

Volume is important for hypertrophy.  When you extend your sets as long as you can, it forces your body to use fuel continuously and recruits new muscle fibers constantly to assist the muscles that are fatigued.  When more motor units are involved in each of your sets, your muscularity can be improved.

Focus On Your Recovery

When you are at the gym, train hard. However, don’t impair your progress by under-resting, under-eating or over training.  If you are unable to muster the same amount of intensity, energy, and strength for each workout, then you need to rest longer in between your workouts.

If your muscles do not get enough rest, you cannot expect to achieve muscularity.  Your muscles need to have time to recover as well as grow.  The best way to build your body is through adequate sleep and a sufficient amount of food.  You won’t gain size if you don’t get enough rest.

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